Defendforestpark.com is the blog for Friends of Forest Park.

Forest Park at the University of New Hampshire provides family housing for graduate students, including many single mothers, international students, and also undergraduate families. There are approximately 130 families with about 40 children who live in Forest Park.

The purpose of Friends of Forest Park is to act as a central hub for individuals and groups on campus working toward the creation of permanent policies at UNH which will guarantee that all current and future residents of Forest Park (and other like complexes) will receive quality housing that is affordable and meets the needs of the residents and their families.

This organization maintains that:

1. UNH must follow through with its promises to provide affordable housing to faculty and students in need.

2. Policies regarding such issues as rent rates, building additions, health care, and childcare should take into consideration the needs of faculty, international students, graduate students, and undergraduate students who have families.

3. Policies must also take into consideration and be sensitive to the diverse population of faculty, students and families who apply for Affordable Family Housing.

This purpose of this Organization is to:

1. Serve as allies and advocates for the Forest Park community, ensuring that they are emotionally and physically safe.

2. Act as a central mode of planning and exchanging information related to Forest Park.

3. Coordinate and connect efforts on campus to initiate policy reform for UNH affordable housing and maintain a vigilant effort to ensure that there is an active follow through on all commitments made by UNH to Forest Park residents.

4. Serve as an outlet for public awareness and public discussion on issues relating to the Forest Park community.

5. Preserve the history of struggle between the UNH Administration and the residents of Forest Park and their advocates by recording all documents, articles, and discussion related to this cause.

6. Create a foundation of support that will outlast the founding members’ tenure here at UNH. By reaching out to faculty, students, and community members we will ensure that the Movement to reform UNH’s policies on affordable housing is not forgotten.

As an organization we meet periodically – however, we do not yet have a regular meeting time or place – if you are interested in joining our cause please email Derek Price at slugga659(at)aol(dot)com or defendforestpark(at)gmail(dot)com.


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