Box City and Administrator Evictions: Success!

The May 2 demo was a success! We set up a box city on T-Hall lawn with a banner reading “The Future of Family Housing @ UNH! / Defend Forest Park.” Many people stopped by during the day, and we handed out hundreds of fliers. At 1pm as planned, a dozen of us marched on T-Hall and the Housing Office to deliver eviction notices, chanting all the way.

At T-Hall, administrators had UNH Police Deputy Chief Paul Dean at the door to prevent our entering. He offered to deliver the notices himself, but no one could enter, even one person pledging not to disrupt operations. We just taped the notices to the door.

We were offered a meeting with the administration in their conference room, but we’re through with talk! This is just a tactic by the administration to spend our momentum, to pay lip service, to avoid having to take any real action. We know better by now.

At the Housing Office, William Conk was “on his way,” according to Michael Saputo. We waited for five minutes inside, and another ten or fifteen outside talking to media, but no show. We taped his eviction notice to the door too.

Our media efforts were successful, with three articles in Fosters, the Portsmouth Herald, and The New Hampshire.

Unfortunately, the Portsmouth Herald neglected to mention we did not meet with administrators because we’re tired of them being all talk and no action. Kim Billings — the same who fell asleep during a Forest Park tenants meeting — was happy to tell the Herald reporter how much space was in the conference room. As if we didn’t meet because there wasn’t enough space!

Thanks to everyone who pitched in, showed up, held signs, marched, chanted, and otherwise supported the residents of Forest Park! Let’s keep going!


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