Box city demonstration on Wednesday!

Join the Friends of Forest Park in a demonstration on T-Hall lawn May 2nd from 10-4 (We will be rallying especially from 12-2pm – so if you can only make it for a short time try to show up then!).

“The Future of Family Housing at UNH” that will include boxes decorated as dilapidated houses to signify the continual neglect and oppression that the Forest Park community is subject to and the stark reality that family housing is being phased out of the University altogether.

The demonstration willl be displayed and attended on T-Hall lawn all day on Wednesday May 2nd, in which we as the UNH student community will demand that UNH Adminstrators honor their commitment to provide an “inclusive and welcoming place to study, work and live for all persons” (UNH Diversity Strategic Plan), by lowering the rents for student families so they can afford food, clothing, and other basic necessities!

Join us as we stand up for this community and send the message to the administration that treatment of individuals on our campus like this will not be tolerated!


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